Open Source

Open source software has established itself as a cornerstone of modern business computing, with open source community being undisputedly the greatest driver of innovation in software today. The development methods commonly encompassed by the term open source have provided customers and developers with additional options among many in the technology ecosystem - enabling large number of programmers from around the world to build software quickly. Software developers publish their software with an open source license, so that anybody may also develop the same software or understand how it works. Open source software generally allows anyone to make a new version of the software, port it to new operating systems and processor architectures, share it with others or market it.

Hi-Q Academy provides open source services to develop and deploy solutions for driving the business needs of its current as well as prospective clients in the global competitive market. Hi-Q Academy makes extensive use of the inherent performance benefits of using the architecture as a basis for its dedicated servers. Hi-Q Academy focuses on providing specialized services in custom software and web development. This allows small and mid-size businesses (SMEs) to leverage the Open Source environment in order to develop high-quality software in a faster timeframe, while enjoying tangible cost savings. We can incorporate all accepted payment gateways and build custom carts. Our backend admin panel gives you the flexibility and authority to manage, modify and observe all features of your website.

  • Linux, the operating system
  • Apache, the Web server
  • MySQL, the database management system
  • PHP, Perl and/or Python, programming languages

Hi-Q Academy understands what it takes to support a large-scale Open Source computing environment. We know what it takes to deliver 24x7 operations using Open Source Software. Leveraging our wide experience of designing and deploying mission-critical systems for open platforms, we offer an open source strategy that delivers unprecedented cost savings, speed, control and security.