ERP Consulting

Can your staff from different functions easily access critical information across the organization? Are you satisfied with the level of productivity of your company? Are your operational processes efficient, effective, integrated and collaborative? ERP consulting services from Hi-Q Academy provides a roadmap, integrating your data for a unified view of customer information, inventory levels and other details.

ERP solutions from Hi-Q Academy can enable you to:

  • Integrate financial information, equipping decision makers with the data they need to make better decision on business investments.
  • Incorporate customer information so you can easily track order status and simultaneously coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping across different locations.
  • Standardize and automate manufacturing processes to increase productivity while decreasing unnecessary inventory holding.
  • Unify human resource information and enable corporate information sharing across a single platform.

Companies operating in global markets face many challenges in terms of their manufacturers and distributors striving to stay on top of the many demands throughout the entire supply chain. Some of the key factors to stay competitive are high productivity, operational efficiency, and reduced costs. Seamless integration of partners, suppliers and customers providing control and agility to continuously innovate and grow your organization is the impetus behind many organizations. SCM solutions from Hi-Q Academy enable organizations track, monitor and analyze information with a variety of parameters, improve efficiency, and help take accurate decisions.

Hi-Q Academy consultants possess great industry expertise and business process knowledge that can deliver key strategic benefits of Supply Chain solutions. A step ahead, Hi-Q Academy possesses the requisite ‘insight’ with business processes which can be invaluable to companies dealing with SCM solutions.

At Hi-Q Academy, we assist to identify, design and transform SCM implementation process and transformation. We help improve our client’s procurement, payment and collections operations to achieve better prices, greater efficiency, tighter spend control and improved service levels.

Hi-Q Academy assists organizations in identifying areas that can achieve savings by creating performance-based measurement programs. Such programs are designed to create strong relationships with suppliers and improve collaboration in terms of reducing cycle times and the cost of materials and services.

Hi-Q Academy also provides consulting and systems integration services to help solve supply chain planning and execution processes. Hi-Q Academy works with leading companies around the world – Oracle and Microsoft to deliver end-to-end, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each industry.