Business Consulting

Business ConsultingSeek - to find and prioritize opportunities for quickly creating scope and understand your requirement, by quantifying the value and map the shortest path to that goal. These services identify one or more opportunities in your systems and business processes, but do not include solution implementation.

Implement - is designed to quickly deliver solutions that create lasting value for the customer. Leaving a lasting change on the organization, our system implementations fall in this area.

Enhance - is targeted at increasing the value already created through solutions already in place. They help identify gaps in the implemented packaged solution and add additional functionality and most importantly, customer specific solutions.


This phase is designed to understand your systems and processes, prior to deciding upon a solution or course of action. These services are diagnostic and will provide your organization:

  • Insight into your system performance
  • An in-depth understanding to your existing systems and processes
  • An architecture for the solution to support your needs
  • An implementation roadmap for the solution
    • Health Check - This is a 2 to 3 day engagement designed to help understand the performance related bottlenecks
    • Gap Analysis - This is a 2 to 4 week engagement that delivers a complete vision, architecture, implementation roadmap, and estimate of your proposed solution


Once the solution is accepted, we would typically proceed to prototyping the solution for custom development or sand boxing for a typical implementation. The phases of Design, Develop and Implement would be followed with a clear roadmap for support and future enhancements. The scope includes:

  • Project Management
  • Functional Documentation
  • Technical Solution Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Go Live
  • Support strategy


The Enhance phase helps your organization optimize the use of the Oracle E-Business solution (system and business process) and achieve full value and capabilities of the implementation. Most organizations would have unique requirements, which have to be developed to supplement their needs. Our service includes:

  • Assessing and recommending how to improve or extend your current deployment
  • Re-engineering the business process to better leverage the solution capabilities
  • Customizing the user interface to provide better flow
  • Building interfaces between your legacy systems and E-Business Suite
  • Upgrading or migration to access new solution capabilities