Application Integration

The rapidly evolving enterprise applications world has now reached a point where the organizations need efficient integration of Enterprise Application Services (EAS) to support the critical parts of the business and to take the performance to higher levels. Application and Integration services are at the core of any IT infrastructure or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Application Entegration

Hi-Q Academy brings knowledge and expertise required to solve the complex issues surrounding systems integration. With a solutions oriented approach, Hi-Q Academy Enterprise Application Integration Services provide seamless information sharing to enable business optimization, accuracy, and total information visibility through the integration of processes, applications and data. Our implementation capabilities include application-to-application integration, Business Process Management integration, business-to-business integration, Web services enablement, and integration operations management. Consulting capabilities include integration assessment, integration governance and integration audit services. Hi-Q Academy offers variable and adjustable service agreements and a three-tiered delivery model that provides on-site, off-site, and offshore support for corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, and perfective (preventive) maintenance. By leveraging existing frameworks, we can help you integrate complex, disparate systems to create an enterprise wide information flow solution that is designed to be flexible and cost-effective.

Hi-Q Academy systems integration services include

  • Designing, developing and deploying new applications
  • Customizing and implementing proven off-the-shelf application systems
  • Providing ongoing field support and maintenance
  • Deploying network design, implementation and operations
  • Ensuring on-going management and support of IT facilities, resources and processes

Our services have helped businesses worldwide to integrate applications, data and external partners, consolidate business processes, and gain an unrestricted flow of information and the ability to react quickly to rapidly-moving market conditions. With Hi-Q Academy’s Application Integration services, you can enhance the performance, support and reliability of enterprise applications by reducing total cost of ownership.