School Timetable

  • Are you pressed down with the tedious, time-consuming task of scheduling your school timetable?
  • Do you feel wedged in regular chores like Teachers Record Management and Substitution Management?
  • Is the problem of multiple shifts playing havoc in your timetabling effort?
  • Have you ever felt like escaping from generating varied school timetable views?
  • Are you hunting for a timetable software that can help you in resource optimization and satisfy your timetabling needs flawlessly, while taking care of dynamic needs and availability of resources?
  • Can you spare just half an hour to quickly see how a simple software can help you generate timetable in minutes?

If your answer to all or any of these questions is a YES, then you have landed in the right place. Go the technology way with our automatic school timetable software: Hi-Q Academy- TimeTable System.

It needs no mention that school timetable scheduling is a very arduous and time-consuming task. But we have made this tedious task easy for you with our Simple, Fast, Intelligent and Affordable Hi-Q Academy - TimeTable System. Now you can generate your school timetable easily and fast at a snap of a finger!!

Bringing you a state-of-the-art timetable tool that is set to revolutionize your school timetabling. This simple yet fast and intelligent timetable management software comes with unique features that will take care of all your school’s needs, including a Help agent that dynamically helps users with suggestions on changes to be made to generate the best possible timetable for school. With Hi-Q Academy - TimeTable System you can easily generate accurate timetable in a few minutes while ensuring best utilization and optimization of resources across your school, and that too at an unbelievably affordable price!

Apart from English, this multilingual timetable tool is available in several versions such as Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Arabic and Spanish and we will make it available in more languages soon. At present, we offer you the following options: School timetable in English, School timetable in Arabic, School timetable in Malay, School timetable in Spanish, School timetable in Thai and School timetable in Indonesian.

  • Simple... Easy-to-understand & simple-to-operate with intuitive user interface, guides and samples
  • Fast... Generates timetable in minutes, saving your time, efforts and money
  • Intelligent... Suggests best alternatives as your help agent for error-free & clash-free timetable with best possible resource optimization
  • Affordable... Perfect timetable solution within your budget, offering tremendous ROI.