Bitrix Site Manager

Bitrix Site Manager Highlights

Bitrix site manager brochureBitrix Site Manager uses the best web 2.0 practices and enables you to develop advanced web projects including corporate portals, online stores, community sites, and news services. No in-depth programming knowledge is needed, and you will be able to orchestrate your online business right inside your web browser!

  • Multisite support (two websites already included!)
  • One year of free updates and technical support
  • Delivered with ready-to-go website templates!
  • Looking for someone to develop a website for you? Not a problem! Hi-Q Academy is ready to help you

Your website is more than just your organization's face in the Internet. It needs to be an amplifier for marketing, sales, and interaction. The way it looks, feels and works directly influences the target audience’s actions, and that spreads from online, to off-line, to the bottom line. Implementing Bitrix Site Manager, you can present users with the whole spectrum of structured and well-organized web content to emphasize your business nature and core values.

Ten Good Reasons to Choose Bitrix Site Manager:

  1. Intuitive front-end / back-end content management

    Bitrix Site Manager features drag-and-drop components and keyboard shortcuts, auto content linking and placement based on taxonomy, MS Office-like content management facilities, etc. The product is equipped with an adaptive user interface which allows you and your colleagues to perform content management conveniently and quickly. The Adaptive interface means a moderate learning curve for websites administrators and content managers.
  2. Quick installation and deployment process

    You will only need about 30 minutes to install Bitrix Site Manager on your server using the intuitive configuration wizard. Along with the product and its source code, you will receive various ready-made prototype websites (online shop, community portal, corporate website, etc.) with demo data that can be easily removed so you can modify and populate the structure as you need. The product updates are fast and easy with the built-in SiteUpdate Technology. If you need to implement special features, change the design, or customize the product in any way, our Partner Network is always at your service!
  3. Individual designs and templates, easy integration

    Bitrix Site Manager tremendously simplifies website development by offering turnkey websites – a set of ready-to-go design and content templates for corporate, personal and community websites, e-commerce solutions, etc.. This shortens the development process and allows launching of a quality and fully-customized website in a matter of hours with step-by-step wizard guidance. Thousands of website designs with hand-crafted menus, buttons, and outlines are available at starting from only $ 25.00! If you need to implement special features, change the design, or customize the product in a way that is beyond your own capabilities, our Partner Network is always at your service! You can submit your inquiries to our Partners directly, or you may choose to fill in this form and describe what kind of website you wish to create, and we will find the most suitable Bitrix Partner for your web project development.
  4. Minimal server and software requirements

    Bitrix Site Manager is optimized to work under high loads while maintaining excellent performance. The product is capable of serving 4 million unique visitors per day while maintaining acceptable response times (0,4sec) and fault-tolerance (0,04%) on low-range hardware. Bitrix Site Manager can be installed on Windows/Unix servers and use MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL as a back-end database. See additional information on Bitrix Site Manager software and hardware requirements page.
  5. High-level security provided by PRO+PRO technology

    The product source code and architecture have been thoroughly tested by information security specialists to ensure the highest security level for your web project. Both Bitrix Site Manager and Bitrix Intranet Portal use the advanced PRO+PRO security framework that protects you from threats coming from outside and within.
  6. Advanced PHP framework for future success

    Both Bitrix Intranet Portal and Bitrix Site Manager are being constantly developed and improved. They are already used on more than 30,000 web projects worldwide! Have a look at the case studies and success stories published by Bitrix Partners.
  7. Easy online commerce, advanced workflow management

    Bitrix Site Manager is equipped with a powerful tool for creating business-specific website functionality. The Commercial Catalog module allows you to update and maintain large product catalogs automatically, it also facilitates and simplifies data export into other commercial catalogs and affiliate systems. The product supports grid modeling, which is ideally suited for designing custom catalogues, inventories, contact bases, and registers with minimum hassle and no programming skills. Integration with the Business Process module gives grids the additional benefits of routine automation, data consolidation and better team orchestration.
  8. Buy and sell the best customized modules from our community

    Customers and developers can take advantage of an integrated Marketplace of add-ons and templates. This lets end-users purchase task-specific third-party modules, designs and templates. At the same time, Bitrix Partners can sell their customized solutions for solving sector-specific tasks. All third-party modules in the Bitrix Marketplace pass a scrupulous security audit by the Bitrix Web Security department to ensure their compliance with the company’s security standards.
  9. Technical support and online courses are 24/7 at your service

    All customers are provided with one year of free commercial technical support and product updates. All product guides, technical documentation, and training courses are available at our website 24/7 at no additional charge!
  10. Affordable price and straightforward licensing policy

    Each edition of Bitrix Site Manager contains a particular set of modules and tools to build and manage your web project. The product's lifetime license for two websites starts as low as $ 249! If you need to develop more than two websites using one license, you can always extend the number of websites anytime later. Renewal of technical support and updates costs just a small fraction of the initial price. Consider buying? Send us a quote request at