Bitrix Intranet Portal

Bitrix Intranet Portal Highlights

Bitrix Intranet PortalBitrix Intranet Portal now provides a full range of business-oriented communication opportunities. It's a very powerful and multi-faceted social networking platform, but if you have an account at Facebook or MySpace, you already know how to use our product!

  • A complete Intranet solution starting from $ 1,799!
  • Additional users cost only $ 40 per user
  • One year of free updates and technical support
  • Delivered with 25 authorized portal users
  • Need 400+ users? Consider the Unlimited User License

Not sure if you need an Intranet Portal for your company?

The white paper "Solution or Platform? Useful Advice About Choosing an Intranet Portal" describes in detail the approaches for creating intranet portals, lists the advantages and weaknesses of each, and contains basic advice concerning which concept better meets specific needs. It also casts light on how Bitrix Intranet Portal can help organizations address core business requirements with its flexibility and readiness. Available in PDF for free download.

Ten Good Reasons to Choose Bitrix Intranet Portal:

  1. Integration with common business applications
    The product integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Active Directory.
  2. Outstanding Enterprise 2.0 business solutions
    Bitrix Intranet Portal provides a wide set of features which are absolutely necessary for efficient company work. Public and private Calendars, Event Scheduler, Business Processes that can be customized in a Visual Business Process Builder, Video Conferences, and much more!
  3. Quick installation and deployment process
    You will need only 30 minutes to install Bitrix Intranet Portal on your server using the intuitive configuration wizard. You will obtain a ready-made intranet portal with a company tree and services which you will be able to modify according to your company needs.
  4. Our Partners are ready to offer you assistance
    If you need to implement special features or customize the existing product, Bitrix Partners are at your service. Fill in this form to get the required help.
  5. Minimal server and software requirements
    Bitrix Intranet Portal is optimized to work under high loads with high performance. Bitrix Intranet Portal can be installed on Windows/Unix servers and use MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL as a backend database. See additional information on Bitrix Intranet Portal software and hardware requirements.
  6. Advanced technology framework for future success
    The Intranet Portal was created using the Bitrix Site Manager platform, which is constantly being developed and improved. Bitrix Site Manager and Bitrix Intranet Portal are used on more than 30 000 web projects worldwide! Have a lot at the case studies and success stories published by Bitrix Partners.
  7. High-level security provided by PRO+PRO technology
    The product source code and architecture have been thoroughly tested by information security specialists to ensure the highest security level for your Intranet. Both Bitrix Site Manager and Bitrix Intranet Portal use the advanced PRO+PRO security framework that protects you from threats coming from the outside and within.
  8. Technical support and online courses at your service!
    All customers are provided with one year of free commercial technical support and product updates. All product guides, technical documentation, and training courses are available at our website 24/7 at no additional charge!
  9. Adaptive Web 2.0 interface for easier customization
    Portal users will be delighted with the AJAX-enabled user interface and mashup-style work group space and user profile pages which allows fast and easy adjustments according to user needs. There is no need to train users since the interface is intuitive and straightforward. Our product uses Web 2.0 interface that makes it more convenient to manage any content on your corporate portal.
  10. Affordable price and straightforward licensing policy
    Each Bitrix Intranet Portal edition includes a package of 25 authorized users starting from only $ 1,799. Extra users can be purchased additionally in any quantity for $ 40 per user. Renewal of technical support and updates costs a fraction of the initial price. Readz to buy? Visit our online store or ask for more details at