Trusted by 60,000 customers worldwide, our products are designed to address your core business needs: easy deployment and customization coupled with moderate prices, reach functionality, high performance and bullet-proof security. Bitrix products can run on Windows and Unix using PHP and ASP.NET environment and deliver a toolset that is constantly being improved to keep you a step ahead.

Bitrix flagship products are a full-featured Content Management System (CMS), high-end Enterprise 2.0-style Intranet Portal (ECM), Virtual Appliance, and SaaS platform.

Bitrix products are: professional Content Management Systems (CMS) to manage company websites, e-commerce sites, social networks and communities; Intranet Portal (ECM), SaaS and other.

Bitrix products can run under Windows and Unix platforms using PHP and ASP.NET, products features are suitable for 95% of up-to-date projects.

Deployed at more than 20,000 customers worldwide, Bitrix products are fast, reliable, easy to use and highly scalable.