Perfectly Balanced Pool of Young Skilled IT Professionals.

Hi-Q Academy team is a perfectly balanced professional team of enthusiastic and forward-thinking managers, IT analysts, business analysts, software architects, programmers, developers, testers, QA engineers, and maintenance staff. The team members come from diverse backgrounds, with training and education from leading technical institutes, and experience of prior association with leading enterprises across the world. Despite their diversity they share the passion for self-improvement as well as the willingness to contribute to the company’s success. Selected for the depth of their technical knowledge and breadth of hands on experience, they have adequate skills and versatility to handle any development process.

At Hi-Q Academy, our team is our pride. The people at Hi-Q Academy continue to be the strong foundation to our remarkable growth. It's the unique combination of our team’s creative savvy, technical expertise and business acumen that has contributed to our success. Excellence and innovation drives us to constantly raise the quality bar of our solutions and services. We employ the latest in software development methodologies, IT technologies and tools to cater innovative software product development solutions to our clients. We excel in operating all the standard platforms of IT technology needed to handle different domains of business.

The management at Hi-Q Academy nurtures an ideal work environment, creating an ambience where creative talents and skills can prosper. We provide freedom of expression, respect for employees, ability to implement novel ideas, and recognition of good performance. Our vision, strategic thinking and a practical approach makes our management more result oriented. A friendly work environment keeps our team motivated to deliver better results all the time. We encourage co-operative efforts at every level and across all activities in our company.

Our compatible team of professionals has successfully delivered competent solutions meeting the needs and requirements of our numerous clients across the globe. Using the right technology and having the right people, we make IT happen.